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Biological Sciences Libraries

Need a book from the library?

We are open to all members of the department - non members by appointment only


➤ Searching - Library Catalogue for Books

When searching for a book or journal please use the Cambridge catalogue iDiscover from a computer terminal.

Visit the IDiscover quick guide for the full functions of the platform. 


For a virtual guide to using iDiscover click on this link


Select "Veterinary" on IDiscover to retrieve physical resources available in our library. If a geberal location is need do not select the Veterinary tab.

  • Take a note of the location and classmark listed on IDiscover
  • If the book is listed as available on IDiscover, it should be available on the library shelves.

The Classification System used is Barnard: a scheme for Veterinary and Medical Libraries.

For an example click the following Barnard Classification link.

Barnard Classification


➤ Searching - Library Catalogue for E-Books


➤ Searching - Library Catalogue for Journals

  • Do not select a specfic library as you would for books
  • In search box type the journal title -search
  • Results will appear with the location and also if its available online

Please note: when searching on iDiscover for an online journal article from a computer within the University domain, upon a successful result if you are asked for a username/password it probably means that the year you are after is not within the range of years covered.

Lean Library Browser extension to Access full text anywhere

Video promoting the Lean Library



➤ Working or studying off campus

If you are working/studying off-campus and you need Library resources, please download the Lean Library browser extension and the plugin will recognise you/your Raven as a member of Cambridge and give you access to the resources (some publishers will not recognise LeanLibrary and you will need to log in manually).


Off-campus easy access (if LeanLibrary extension does not give you access).

  • Step 1. Choose the Shibboleth login option.
  • Step 2. Select UK Higher Education as your region or group.
  • Step 3. Select the University of Cambridge from the list.
  • You will then be prompted for your Raven login.

Most staff and students should be able to access e-resources but if you want to make sure, please go to the Test e-resources pageIf you can't access it, please contact us.


➤ Inter-library Loan

One of the options for resources out of print or not covered by our collection policy is to use the Inter-Library Loan. Both the University Library and the Betty & Gordon Moore Library operate an online service that is open to all registered users:

Online interlibrary loan request form

This is being offered as a FREE service. The online form hasn't been updated so please ignore the payment boxes.




➤ Borrowing

The library operates a self-serve system when borrowing book. Instruction for use are situated beside the terminal. Please note that only members of the Department can borrow from the library.

  • Loans are auto-renewed (excepted short loans)
  • Books can be recalled during your borrowing allowance. If so, return within 3 days
  • If you need a book that is listed "on loan", you can request it on the IDiscover platform once you log in and the librarian will let you know when it is available. 
  • You will receive a statement on the second day of every month which shows a snapshot of what items you have on your account

Please note that only members of the Department can borrow from the library.

Loan periods and book allowances:

Veterinary Staff, Graduates & Students 6 Books for 28 days


If "recall email" return within 3 Days

Visitors No borrowing rights    


➤ Returning books

Please return all books to the Veterinary Library returns box situated outside the library office. The Librarian will process all returned books.


Veterinary Library



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The Library 
Department of Veterinary Medicine Madingley Road 
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Telephone      01223 337633
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Opening hours

Department Members - 24 hours access

Non-members - Staffed hours and by request only.

Out of hours arrangements - Contact the librarian


Librarian's Hours of work: 

Monday - Thursday 9:30 - 3:30pm

Physically present in the library Tuesdays & Thursdays

Working from home Mondays & Wednesdays


For further information:

Email: Lorraine Leonard, Librarian


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