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Biological Sciences Libraries

Close up of anatomical drawing of the human foot

The PDN Library’s collections support the Department’s teaching, learning and research activities. If you would like to recommend an addition to the Library, please let us know or submit a request.


Main Collection

The Main Library collection comprises an extensive range of material related to the myriad of topics within physiology, development and neuroscience research covering both humans and many animal species. This ranges from more historical reference material to modern textbooks at the forefront of our current scientific understanding. 

The collection also includes core reading for the pre-clinical Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos (MVST) as well as key textbooks covering topics taught by the Department towards the extensive Natural Sciences Tripos. It includes most set texts on reading lists as well as other useful resources. Many of these can be found in our dedicated Undergraduate Collection section of the Library.

The Main Collection specialises in the following Library of Congress categories:

 Q  Science  RB  Pathology
 QA  Mathematics  RC  Internal Medicine
 QC  Physics  RD  Surgery
 QD  Chemistry  RE  Ophthalmology
 QH  Natural Sciences, Biology  RF  Otorhinolaryngology
 QK  Botany  RG  Gynecology and Obstetrics
 QL  Zoology  RJ  Pediatrics
 QM  Human Anatomy  RK  Dentistry
 QP  Physiology  RL  Dermatology
 QR  Microbiology  RM  Therapeutics and Pharmacology
 R  Medicine (General)  SF  Animal Culture (inc. veterinary sciences)
 RA  Public Aspects of Medicine  T  Technology

We also hold additional books in the following subjects:

 A  General works  K  Law
 B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion  L  Education
 C  Auxiliary sciences of history  M  Music
 D  History  N  Fine Arts
 G  Geography, Anthropology, Recreation  P  Language and Literature
 H  Social Sciences  Z  Bibliography, Information Resources (General)

These books can be found on iDiscover at the location ‘Main Library’.



The Department no longer retains historical runs of journals in printed form with much of the collection having been transferred to the extensive collections housed at the Library Storage Facility in Ely. With extensive online provision, most articles are accessible instantly from wherever you are via iDiscover. If you require assistance in locating a particular article, please let us know.


Special Collections

The Library has a collection of historically important works relating to the history of anatomy and other related topics. Please contact the Librarian if you wish to consult this material.

The collections also comprise the Lovaton Veterinary Anatomy Library which is situated in the Anatomy Building. The Department Officer responsible for this collection is Dr David Bainbridge

The Department also houses the Boyd Histological Collection (slides).The collection is available to view online via the Centre for Trophoblast Research website.



Searching and Borrowing

Electronic Resources


Library Facilities



Opening hours:

Mon-Thu 08:45 -12:30 & 13:30 -17:00
Friday 08:45 -12:30 & 13:30 -16:00



08:45 -13:15

(during term time)

Members of the Department with card access can use the Library outside of these core hours


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