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Biological Sciences Libraries

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The PDN Library has recently reopened for Michaelmas Term 2022 after an extensive refurbishment of the space and collections. A lot of what we have on offer will be added to and adjusted as we settle in to the new space so please let us know if you want to see something new, need something changing, or just have a fun idea for something we can try!

Study spaces

The PDN Library has many different study spaces to help you get what you need to do done and they are loosely themed into a few types depending on how you want to work.

Quiet working 

In the main library space we have our quiet study area with lots of desks, good light from our many windows, and loads of power points for your devices. We also have some of the book collection in this area as well as the Librarian's Office if you need to find us for any help. You can also find our dedicated Undergraduate Collection in this space for all your reading list needs. 

Chat and work together

Situated through a door to the side of the main library space you'll find our louder space where you can chat while you study. We've also got some comfy sofas if you fancy a bit more of a relaxed vibe. You'll also find books in this space with lots of reference texts close to hand.

Group study room

You can book this room to do group working, Zoom calls, presentation practice and more! We'll have a screen installed so you can collaborate on digital projects. We ask that supervisors seek out rooms elsewhere in PDN so we can prioritise this room for student use during term time.


Reflection room

This room is set aside for quiet contemplation and other moments when you need some privacy or space away from others for a bit. Here you will find a range of services including a fridge for medical storage as well as some comfortable seating.


Other facilities

Borrowing books 

We have a self-service computer where you can borrow books whenever you need to. This computer can be found in the main entrance corridor to the library and is next to the photocopier (see below). More information about how to borrow books, as well as what to do if the computer does not work for you, can be found on our Searching & Borrowing page.

Electronic Legal Deposit terminal - coming soon!

We will be installing an Electronic Legal Deposit terminal soon. An Electronic Legal Deposit terminal provides access to books and journals received by the University on electronic legal deposit. This is where you can read material designated in iDiscover as "Available on designated PCs in the UL and most Faculty and Departmental libraries". No digital copying is allowed but printing is permitted, within normal copyright regulations. See the Electronic Legal Deposit LibGuide for further information.

Printing, photocopying and scanning

The library has a multi-function device (MFD) for printing, copying and scanning books, journals and documents. This is located in the main entrance corridor to the library itself.

Printing is held in a queue for 24 hours. You will need to present your University Card to the MFD to release your printing or use the device. You can also print from a memory stick or similar device.

The Department uses the University Information Service’s DS-Print service. You can pre-pay for printing and copying online using a debit or credit card. The charges for printing and copying are:

  • Black & white A4: 5p per sheet (whether double- or single-sided);
  • Colour A4: 30p per sheet (whether double- or single-sided);
  • Black & white A3: 10p per sheet (whether double- or single-sided);
  • Colour A3: 60p per sheet (whether double- or single-sided);
  • Scanning is free and scanned files are sent to your @cam email address

For more information, including details of how to send print jobs from your own devices using Mobility or Cloud Print, please see the relevant Information Services website

You must observe the copyright regulations for printing, copying and scanning, which are displayed by the machine.


Searching and Borrowing

Electronic Resources


Library Facilities



Opening hours:

Mon-Thu 08:45 -12:30 & 13:30 -17:00
Friday 08:45 -12:30 & 13:30 -16:00



08:45 -13:15

(during term time)

Members of the Department with card access can use the Library outside of these core hours


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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience 
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Telephone      01223 (7)65604
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