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Biological Sciences Libraries

Collage image of all the friendly librarians who make up the Biological Sciences Libraries Team

Contacting your local library or librarian(s)

Located in different departments, the Biological Sciences Libraries Team works together to provide excellent services across the School of Biological Sciences. With specialized subject librarians supporting you in your local department, you will find that each member of our team has unique expertise providing a wide range of services and support. 


For enquiries, please contact us at and your subject librarian will reply as soon as possible. 


Libraries contacts and locations:

Biochemistry Library

 +44(0)1223 333600

Biochemistry Library map location

Cory and Herbarium Libraries

 not available

➤ Cory and Herbarium Libraries map location

Genetics Library 

  +44 (0)1223 333973 

➤ Genetics Library map location

Plant Sciences Library

  +44 (0)1223 333930

➤ Plant Sciences Library map location

PDN Library

  +44 (0)1223 765604

➤ PDN Library map location

Psychology library

  +44 (0)1223 333554

➤ Psychology Library map location

Veterinary Library

  not available

➤ Veterinary Library map location

Zoology Library

  +44 (0)1223 336648

➤ Zoology Library map location