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The Genetics Library’s collections support the Department’s teaching, learning and research activities. If you would like to recommend an addition to the Library, please let us know or submit a request.


Undergraduate Collection

The Undergraduate Collection includes all core reading from NST-B Part II: Genetics, in addition to key textbooks from Part IB. It also includes key introductory texts on relevant subjects such as molecular biology and evolutionary biology. Part III: Systems Biology students should also find their reading in this collection. Key textbooks are provided in multiple copies, with reference copies alongside loanable items.

These books can be found on iDiscover at the location ‘Undergraduate Collection’.


Main Collection

The main body of the collection comprises around 2,000 books covering the breadth of genetics and related biology research. This ranges from more historical reference material to cutting-edge research topics such as epigenetics and and CRISPR. There is also a significant collection of works on Drosophila melanogaster to support the Fly Facility and the Department’s research in this area.

In addition, books are available to support researchers’ professional development, covering topics such as science communications, teaching skills, writing for publication and statistics. We are also eager to contextualise our collections by including more books on equality, diversity and inclusion issues in STEMM. You can see new books in our New Books display in the Library, or browse new additions online.

These books can be found on iDiscover at the location ‘Main Library’.


EDIW Collection

In order to support equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing within the Department, the EDIW Collection contains books on general interest subjects that fit these criteria. Topics include feminism, disability, neurodivergence, racism, mental health and much more. You can browse the collection online, or come into the Library to choose your next read. If you have any suggestions for other books you'd like to see in this collection, just let us know.

These books can be found on iDiscover at the location ‘EDIW Collection’.



The Department retains historical runs of several important genetics journals, in addition to our online provision. Both our physical and electronic journal holdings can be explored on iDiscover.


Special Collections

The Library has a small collection of historically important works relating to the foundation of the modern discipline of genetics. This includes works by R.A. Fisher, Gregor Mendel and other scientists involved in the development of both the discipline and the Department itself. Most of these works are catalogued and viewable in iDiscover. If you are interested in viewing these items, or wish to know more, please contact us.

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