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Need a book from our library?

We are open for all Psychology students and members.

To all University of Cambridge students or staff, you can also visit the library and borrow books. Please make sure you make an appointment to ensure the librarian will be available to support your visit. Send an email with the date and time of your visit.

External Visitors are not allowed to borrow books. If you need to visit us, please send an email


➤ Searching - Library Catalogue

A computer with the IDiscover page is available at the library entrance but the website can be accessed via any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. Visit

IDiscover search box- library catalog

Select "Psychology Library" on IDiscover to retrieve physical resources available in our library. 

Visit the IDiscover quick guide for the full functions of the platform. 



  • Take a note of the ClassMark listed on IDiscover for Psychology Library.
  • If the book is listed as available on IDiscover, you can pick it up from the shelf.
  • Is the classmark/call number starting with a number? You will find shelved in the MacCurdy Library collection (see below).
  • Is the classmarks/call number starting with a letter? You will find shelved in the Main Library collection (see below). 
  • Large volumes are shelved on the bottom shelves on the right-hand side as you enter the Main Library.
  • You need to ask the Librarian for Special Reference or Store items (it will be listed/informed on IDiscover record) by email.
  • Our journals are kept in five different locations: MacCurdy Library, Main Library, Library Office, Computer Room and the Archive Store. You can find the titles on IDiscover here (the University catalogue).
  • For undergraduate projects and dissertations, check the library office. Those are for reference only.  For more information ask the Librarian here.



Use the self-issue computer to check out your books (use the register paper if the computer is out of order). Instruction is available by the physical terminal.

  • Loans are auto-renewed (excepted short loans)
  • Books can be recalled during your borrowing allowance. If so, return within 3 days or contact us here
  • If you need a book that is listed "on loan", you can request it on the IDiscover platform once you log in and the librarian will let you know when it is available. 
  • You will receive a statement on the second day of every month which shows a snapshot of what items you have on your account
  • Books marked as "Special Reference" are overnight and weekend loans to be returned by 10 AM. No automatic renews will occur (send an email if you need to extend the period)
  • Automatic fines* will be charged for items recalled and not returned within three days, we are flexible about fines, contact us here if you need to justify your delayed item.
*If you are genuinely unable to return books because of illness or other circumstances beyond your control, please contact us here as soon as possible*.

If you are not a Psychology Student or have any problems using the self-issue terminal, please ensure that you sign up to the Psychology Library and the librarian will get in touch with you.



➤ If you cannot find what you are looking for in Cambridge



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Address The Library 
Department of Psychology 
Downing Street 
Telephone      01223 333554
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Today's opening hours:

Mon-Fri 9 to 17 

Access restrict to Psychology members.

  • Students
  • Postgraduates
  • Staff



Daniele Campello (Library Information Supervisor)

Dr Dénes Szücs (Academic Librarian)

Oliwia Stecko (Undergraduate Rep)

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