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Welcome to the Department of Psychology library


Daniele Campello is the subject specialist librarian located in the Department of Psychology. With the Biological Sciences Library Team, Daniele provides services and support to departmental students and members.

Find more about our librarian team.



Undergraduates Part IA & IB: Our library will be offering click and collect and all services and support online via Microsoft teams (dc718). Unfortunately, by central administrative decision, we will not open for use of study desks. This decision is being reviewed and when we have any changes we will announce them by email and on our Instagram @psychology_library.

If you have a special request, send an email and we will get back to you. 


Follow us on our Instagram @psychology_library and we will update you of any changes.



New student/researcher?

We have a page with information to guide you through your first days.



Psychology Collection 

The collection supports our departmental research groups/labs and teaching/learning from undergraduate to PostDoctoral research. 


Psychology Library Use

  • Undergraduates Part IA & IB - No access to study desks.
  • Undergraduates Part II - Access the library from 9-17 Monday to Friday.
  • Postgraduates and staff - Access the library from 9-17 Monday to Friday.
  • Visitors - This library has access restricted to members of the University of Cambridge during 2021.


➤ Rules:

  • We expect masks to be worn in all public and shared spaces in our buildings even when seated (updated Dec/2021)
  • Hand sanitisers are available around the library, and their use is highly recommended on the way in and out.
  • All books borrowed must be issued using the self-issue machine, the borrowing register slip, or at the Library desk.
  • Books must not be marked.
  • Food is not permitted in the library.
  • The library welcomes you with your drink in a mug or travel cup.
  • Belongings should not be left unattended.

ⓘ If the fire alarm sounds, please exit immediately. The fire assembly point is outside the Geography Department.


➤ Facility 

The Main Library Room: 6 study desks & 2 small sofas and main library Collection.

MacCurdy Library Room: a meeting table for 3-4 and the MacCurdy Psychopathology Collection.

The computer suite has 8 computers - On the 1st Floor, Room 111 but the library. Collect your login and password from Computer Room 03 (Ground Floor) if you are a first time user.

Printer/scanner/copy - You can use the printer in the computer room or the printer room. To print, you need credit on your DS-Print account here

Electronic Legal Deposit Terminal - 1 terminal available in the Computer Room (room 111)

Binding machine (manual) - We have a self-service binding facility which costs £1.00 per spiral biding + covers. Please ask at the Library Office.

The Psych Sanctuary (student common room) - Next door to the library, equipped with vending machines for snacks and drinks, a fridge, kettle and microwave. Seating includes café style tables, easy chairs and bean bags. Fits 16+ people.

Lockers - On the PsychSanctuary, we also have lockers that students can borrow for the academic year. A £10 deposit is required.

Toilets - Share toilets are available on the ground floor by the stairs. A ladies' toilet is situated on the third floor and a Gentlemen toilet on the fourth floor.



The Library is on the First Floor of the main Experimental Psychology building. For full accessibility information of the library and building, visit the Accessibility Page for the Psychology Building.external link 

The librarian can make special arrangements if needed. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us by email


See also: 



Psychology Library Services

➤ Digital Services

Digital Services are currently offered by the SBS library team. The psychology librarian is also available on Microsoft Teams (dc718 - Daniele Campello) and library email


➤ Psychology Library Catalogue

IDiscover search box- library catalog

Select "Psychology Library" on IDiscover to retrieve physical resources available in our library. A computer with the IDiscover page is available at the library entrance, but the website can access via any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. Visit

Visit the IDiscover quick guide for the full functions of the platform. 


Online Reading List (Psychology Undergraduates)  




The Reading Lists Online contains recommended resources from your course Papers Guide, linking the bibliographic record to the electronic resource or library catalogue lists (where electronic is not available only). The list also includes scanned chapters, but please note that to comply with CLA when downloading the scanned PDF, you must log in via your Moodle course to authenticate your access. 

Some lectures will recommend reading on the lecture day; please note that any extra reading recommended in class may not be listed in the platform Reading List Online. Check with your lecturer. 





Psychology Resources Guide

The Psychology library offers a Psychology Subject Guide with resources information for all psychology students levels and researchers.  


Electronic Legal Deposit Terminal(eLD)

The Computer Room by the library in the main psychology building has ONE terminal/computer to access the Electronic Legal Deposit. Using your Cam-Card and DS credits, you can print from PSY-FindMe DS-printer (room 111 and computer room).



Virtual Learning Environment


On MOODLE, you will find the links to the reading list with some scanned chapters, lecture notes and more.

If you do not have access to your Moodle course, send an email to

ⓘ If you want to find out more about our courses, visit the Department of Psychology website.

ⓘ See also the page for Undergraduates Transferable skills.  



Postgraduate students will find courses and seminars links in the postgraduate pages of the Department of Psychology Website.


Postdocs and Researchers

Researchers/Postdocs will find many Talks posted on the Psychology talks and events page.



Information you may need:


Psychology Library

Searching & Borrowing 

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Reading List Online




Address The Library 
Department of Psychology 
Downing Street 
Telephone      01223 333554
Find us Cam Map 

Today's opening hours:

Mon-Fri 9 to 17

Staffed Wed-Fri

Access restrict to:

  • Part II Students
  • Postgraduates
  • Staff/Members

Click and Collect service available.



Daniele Campello (Library Information Supervisor)

Dr Dénes Szücs (Academic Librarian)

Cynthia Shen (Undergraduate Rep)

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