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This page will give an overview of things you must know to make the best of your time with us. We will make links available if you wish to have further information about a specific service/topic. 


Introduction to Cambridge University Libraries

First, a quick introduction to Cambridge University Libraries prepared exclusively for the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) members.


Induction series 

The SBS Libraries offers online (self-taught) induction but some libraries will also offer a live session (on-site or on zoom).


Online Induction


If you wish to learn more about what our library has to offer on your own time, this resource will help you. Please feel free to also attend one of our live sessions or contact us if you need further information.





Live Induction


We offer live inductions at the beginning of the Michaelmas terms. If you are starting in a different period, please feel free to book a time for your inductions - book a 1-2-1 meeting





New in Cambridge?

The University developed a page exclusive to help you to start your studies/academic work.

Access CamGuides for useful information on what it is like to be an undergraduate/postgraduate in Cambridge and help you to feel more confident about making a start on your academic work at the University. 

 Go to CamGuides


the e-resources testing page to check if you can access electronic resources provided by the University of Cambridge.


Would you like to know more about the experience of being a Psychology student in Cambridge and where it will take you?


How to use the library services and access resources?







Psychology Library Catalogue

Select "Psychology Library" on iDiscover to retrieve physical resources available in our library. 

If you wish to search for online resources only, select the option on the top of the search box "Articles and Online Resources". 



The library recommends 

If you you're looking for extra introductory reading* in the Psychology subject, the following resources can help you to have an overview of the subject.

*Please, note that those resources are not mandatory reading for exams or essays unless your lecturer requests it during a lecture or on the official reading list (available in the course paper guide and online reading list). This is just an extra introductory reading for those seeking it.


Online Reading List (Psychology Undergraduates) 



The Reading Lists Online contains recommended resources from your course Papers Guide, linking the bibliographic record to the electronic resource or library catalogue lists. The list also includes scanned chapters, but please note that in order to comply with CLA when downloading the scanned PDF, you must login via Moddle course in order to authenticate your access. 

Some lectures will recommend reading on the lecture day, please note that any extra reading recommended in class may not be listed in the platform Reading List Online. Check with your lecturer. 





The virtual learning environment for the University of Cambridge



On Moodle, you will find the links to the reading list with some scanned chapters, course guide, lecture notes and more.

If you do not have access to your Moodle course, send an email to

If you want to find out more about our courses, visit the Department of Psychology website.



Postgraduate students will find courses and seminars links in the postgraduate pages of the Department Website [here]


Postdocs and Researchers

Researchers/Postdocs will find many Talks posted on the Psychology talks and events page.




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