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The MacCurdy Psychopathology Library


Established from the personal books of Dr John Thomson MacCurdy, 1886-1947.


Dr MacCurdy was Cambridge University Lecture in Psychopathology from 1923-1947. In his will, he left money "for the provision and maintenance of the collection of psychopathological work."


This wonderful specialist collection contains the principal works in psychoanalysis and psychopathology from early twentieth century. 

The books located in the MacCurdy Room are open shelf and you can borrow them using the self-check computer. The books located in "Store", which are part of our rare books collection, are reference only. 

The Classification Scheme (main subjects)

0.4: Works of J. T. MacCurdy

0.6: History

0.8: Textbooks of psychiatry and psychopathology

12: Miscellaneous psychiatry and psychopathology

14: Clinical psychology

16: Schizophrenia

20: Affective disorders

24: Health psychology

28: Psychological therapies

32: Psychoanalysis

36: Works of Freud

40: Works of Jung

44: Experimental and theoretical psychopathology

48: Child development

52: Education

56: Learning disorders

59: Little Club Clinics in Developmental Medicine

60: Child psychiatry (except Psychoanalysis)

64: Delinquency

65: Addictive behaviour

66: Ageing

68: Nervous system (normal and related disciplines)

72: Disorders of the nervous system

73: Aphasia

74: Hypnosis

76: Personality

80: Sex

84: Social

88: Tests

90: Philosophical

92: War

96: Miscellaneous

98: Congresses

100: Theses

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