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Biological Sciences Libraries

Advanced Skills

Introduction to literature searching for your dissertation or project

Finding scientific literature for your dissertation or project work during your Part II year can be a new experience for many. To help get you started we have our self-guided online literature searching course that will take you through the fundamentals of planning, carrying out, and evaluating your searching so you can get the best results for your needs. We also offer live introductory sessions so you can ask questions and get help as you start your own searches.

Going further with your literature searching for your Biological Sciences dissertation or project

We also run regular literature searching workshops to go through some of the above introductory topics in more detail with live demonstrations of key databases, troubleshooting common issues, and lots of time for questions and discussion so you can get the most out of the session. Great for once you've done some searching and have some things you want to pick our brains about further.

Engaging critically with your literature: reading, writing and referencing productively 

This live workshop is designed to build your skills in reading and assessing research articles for your Part II studies in Biological Sciences. We will cover lots of different skills to help you manage your work and research in your final year with activities, discussion and space to ask lots of questions. More information about this workshop can be found on UTBS.

How to prepare and present an academic poster

Presenting your work in the form of an academic poster is something many undergraduates have a chance to do but getting started can be a bit daunting. We'll help you work out what your key message is, give you some advice on what to include (and what to cut out), how to make everything look visually appealing as well as accessible for a diverse range of audiences. Further information can be found on UTBS.

Building your presentation skills with confidence

Giving a presentation is something everyone has to do whether it is for your course, for an extracurricular activity or society event, or even in the workplace. In this session we'll take you through planning your presentation, how to make everything look good as well as accessible for a diverse range of audiences, as well as introducing you to techniques to present with confidence. As with all our other sessions, you can book onto this course via UTBS.

Are you looking for information about training for postgraduates? Head on over to our Biological Sciences Research Skills Series page to find out more.