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Biological Sciences Libraries

UPDATED 15/09/2021

Accessing electronic resources 


Working or studying from home (outside of campus)

If you are working/studying from home and you need Library resources, please download the Lean Library browser extension and the plugin will recognise you/your raven as a member of Cambridge and give you access to the resources (very few publishers won't recognise it and will require you to log in manually).

Off campus access (if Lean Library extension is not recognised).

Step 1. Choose the Shibboleth login option.
Step 2. Select UK Higher Education as your region or group.
Step 3. Select the University of Cambridge from the list.
You will then be prompted for your Raven login.

Most staff and students should be able to access e-resources but if you want to make sure, please go to the Test e-resources pageIf you can't access it, please contact us.


Where to find library resources


➤ Databases Online

You can Search databases, digital archive collections and primary sources on Cambridge Databases A-Z.

➤ EBooks

Use iDiscover for ebooks and check out ebooks at Cambridge for more information on ebooks not available on IDiscover.


BrowZine gives you the ability to browse journals, subscribed by the University of Cambridge, and store on a personal bookshelf. BrowZine then updates you with new articles published in these journals and clearly displays unread articles new to your bookshelf. Visit the BrowZine platform and connect with Journals subscribed by the Cambridge University Libraries. 


➤ Electronic Legal Deposit resources

Electronic Legal Deposit resources cannot be made available beyond the physical premises of Cambridge University Libraries under the terms of current legal deposit legislation.  This can only be changed by the government through new legislation.  If you need an item, we will try to obtain it electronically with a wider license so that it is accessible off-campus via Raven; this will be on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us OR use the form at the University library website to recommend books and journal titles.

➤ Reading list Online

For undergraduate students, the library offers an online reading list with direct access to electronic resources recommended by the lecture in the paper guide/reading list. For resources not available online, you will find a bibliographic record with some of the libraries where you can find the hard copy. Use the filters to list the ebooks, articles, scanned chapters and much more. 

Visit your course reading list from the VLE (Moodle) page to access the full list with available scanned chapters OR see listed resources here.


➤ Books and Journals (physical)

The physical library is still closed, but we are offering the click and collect service in order to provide you with books not available electronically.

Visit the Click and Collect page.



➤ Recommending a resource

If the Library does not hold the title you need, we can order it for you. Please note that the acquisition of new resources will be decided based on the current collection policy.

Please place your request in the Recommendation Form. 



Library Services


The Physical library remains closed, but we are offering the library services below. 


➤ Click and Collect

The physical library is still closed, but we are offering the click and collect service in order to provide you with books not available electronically.

Visit the Click and Collect page or email the request to



➤ Borrowing rules

  • Loans are auto-renewed (except short loans) until recalled by another user or the expiration date of your Uni Card.

  • Books CANNOT be recalled during holidays.

  • You will receive a reminder statement every month which shows a snapshot of items you have in your account.

  • The psychology library will not fine you for books on loan during vacation time or lockdown period. If you do receive any messages about fines, or you have questions, please forward* it to


*Please note that if you already contacted the library for items that you are unable to return due to the current situation, you do not need to do it again.


➤ Recalls/Requests


During vacation periods there will be no recalls so items which you take home for the vacation will not be recalled by someone else. Your books will auto renew throughout the vacation period.

The Borrowing LibGuide has been updated to reflect this:


➤ Returning Books


➤ Department of Psychology, Downing Street - Click here for Downing Site map

The psychology building is now receiving books from our library Mon-Fri 09am-12pm(noon). The receptionist is supporting this service during the lockdown, so please come during the designated time or contact the library if you need to organise a different time.

Email / Telephone 01223 333550 (UK)

If you have a new continuous cough, high temperature, or loss of sense of smell/taste, visit for information about staying at home and we will arrange an alternative solution for you. 


 The Moore Library and the Medical library accept books return from the Psychology library

There are other options for books you have to return. The Moore Library and the Medical Library have agreed to receive any STEMM Library books and will send any returns back to the owner library via University Mailing Service (UMS). Please note that psychology books returned to the Moore and Medical libraries may take a short while to be removed from your account. You will receive no fines but you may receive automatic emails listing those items. Feel free to contact the psychology library if you have any questions.

See full information about the Cambridge libraries return options. 



➤ Scan and Deliver

We are working with the University Library. Any item that is available only in the psychology library, can also be provided via this form. Please place your request below. 

Scan & Deliver Request online form.


Library Support 


➤ Skills and training 

The School of Biological Sciences library team offers courses and sessions to help you develop your skills.

Visit the site for dates and more information.


➤ Help for students and researchers (all levels)

The Psychology Library, as part of the School of Biological Sciences Libraries, has a team of librarians working on providing resources and support in and out of the library space. Contact us with your question and we will get back to you with the guidance necessary and if you wish, we can also book a 1-2-1 support via Teams, Zoom or Google Teams.


Visit our Drop-in sessions form and list the dates you are available.




Please access the Online resources support on Psychology LibGuides.


Psychology Library

Searching & Borrowing 

Click & Collect


Psychol Support

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Reading List Online




Address The Library 
Department of Psychology 
Downing Street 
Telephone      01223 333554
Find us Cam Map 

Today's opening hours:

Mon-Fri 9 to 17

Staffed Wed-Fri

Access restrict to:

  • Part II Students
  • Postgraduates
  • Staff/Members

Click and Collect service available.



Daniele Campello (Library Information Supervisor)

Dr Dénes Szücs (Academic Librarian)

Cynthia Shen (Undergraduate Rep)

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